Teraseya Prime

Teraseya Prime p2

Your ultimate defending product equipped with extra sensing and  intelligence inside.

  • This (patent ongoing)  device is mobile and can be installed where a specific agriculture problem needs to be monitored  or a crop need proactively to be supervised for insects attacks, soil humidity, rainfall, photosynthesis active radiation, air humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • Sensing capabilities can be extended with wind direction and speed, leaf humidity, rainfall water PH measurements and a photo camera that can take pictures of crop evolution and diseases.

Why you need it?

Based on real-time information and intelligent analysis of various sensors, the amount of water used for irrigation  can be reduced up to  20%.

Detecting insects(eq. Agrotis , Tanymecus) in early phase of infestation,  can reduce your crop loss up to 30%. Based on weather data sensors and period the system knows when is time for eggs and time for mature insect 


Fungus diseases can damage your crop and has result up to 50% production loss.  Evaluating atmospheric, soil data and treatments performed, Teraseya Prime can  help with warnings and advises in case of critical paths.


Water stress

Soil Volumetric Water Volume(VWC) and temperature at  10cm, 30cm and 60cm depth.

Daily active insects

Using specific pheromones and color excipient, the device attracts insects with activity during the day,   informing you about their type and frequency. 

Nocturnal insects

Nocturnal pests  can be also monitored by sparkling specific ultraviolet and/or colored light radiation around the device. 

Fungus predictions

Fungus predictions based on sensed evolutions like cloud cover, humidity, solar radiation and temperature

GPS records

Once the device is plugged into soil, the GPS coordinates are memorized into the system. This important for history of the acquired data but also for quick finding the device during crop activities or in case of vandals or thefts. 

Weather data

Air temperature&humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed & direction but also rainfall, photosynthesis active radiation, cloud cover and amount of light are very important for diseases use cases but also for field efficient activities.