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Teraseya Heat

Monitoring Incinerator Temperature Remotely

For any type of incinerators, ovens or equipment with thermocouples (type K, J, N, R, S, T, E, and B)

Remote monitoring
Historical data recorded

Simplified operations

Comply with local regulations



  • According the 2000/76/EC  directive of the European Parliament: The temperature measured during 2 seconds near the inner wall or at another representative point of the combustion chamber should be at least 850°C and 1100°C in case of 1% or more of halogenated organic substances are burned.
  • Teraseya Heat is a noninvasive, connected device measuring and recording the temperature of the combustion and post-combustion chambers
  • It makes easier to comply with regulations inforce: all the actual and historical data are accessible remotely at any time with the mobile application or from any device connected to internet.
  • Other applications
    • Temperature Controllers
    • Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, and Environmental
    • Industrial Equipment: Petrochemical Thermal Management, Hand-Held Measurement Equipment, Industrial Equipment Thermal Management
    • Commercial and Industrial Ovens
    • Industrial Engine Thermal Monitor
    • Temperature Detection Racks


 incinerator temperature monitoring device teraseya heat

The temperature sensor unit (TeraseyaK) is connected to the incinerator with K cables, and is powered by Teraseya Heat  

✓  TeraseyaK can read up to 1 to 4 thermocuples in same time

TeraseyaK can monitor 2 high precision thermocuples with the following characteristics:

  • Can run in parallel with other thermocuple measurement systems
  • Provides High-Accuracy thermocouple temperature readings
  • Includes Automatic Linearization Correction for  thermocouple Types K, J, N, R, S, T, E, B
  • ±0.15% (max, -20°C to +85°C) thermocouple FullScale and Linearity Error
  • Internal Cold-Junction Compensation  
  • ±0.7°C (max, -20°C to +85°C) Cold-Junction
  • ±45V Input Protection Provides Robust System
  • Simplifies System Fault Management and
  • Detects Open thermocouples
  • On demand:  50Hz/60Hz Noise Rejection Filtering, 19-Bit, 0.0078125°C thermocouple Temperature

Additional TeraseyaK can monitor another 2 thermocuples with the following characteristics:

  • Can run in parallel with other thermocuple measurement systems
  • Type K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R
  • corrects the thermocouple nonlinear error characteristics  ±0.5°C to /±8.0°C sensor precision 
  • Internal Cold-Junction Compensation

✓  TeraseyaK data is transferred to Teraseya Heat via Bluetooth 4.0 (in 30m max range)

Teraseya Heat embeds 2 identical units running in parallel synchronized, collecting and storing the temperatures

Data can be read locally (up to 30m maximum range) using Android device with BLE 4.0 and  provided  Teraseya Heat app

Available option on demand:  Teraseya Heat can be connected  LoRa/LoraWan to a Teraseya  gateway.  One gateway connects up to 50 units in 10 km range. In that case data will be also stored in the cloud and accessible remotely from any device connected to internet

220V power supply required

optionally DC 12/24


  • We are expending day by day our network of resellers, check ‘Find a dealer‘ in the menu. Anyway you can contact us at and we will come back to you quickly.

  • Yes, indeed incinerators have a long life cycle and you can install Teraseya Heat provided you can plug the temperature sensor unit to the thermocouples. We provide K, Cr-Al cables (Protective sheath of ceramic resistance to 1600°C) supporting up to 1250°C.


Temperature sensor unit•It is plugged to 2 thermocouples via K, Cr-Al cables (Protective sheath of ceramic resistance to 1600°C) supporting up to 1250°C.
•IP67 temperature-resistant housing, thermal and solar radiation, protected with stainless steel cables resisting to high temperatures
•Internal Bluetooth antenna
Teraseya Heat device•Each device embeds 2 identical units collecting and storing the temperature from 2 thermocouples up to 6 months.
•Powered by 220V.
•Provides 5V power to the temperature sensor unit.
•External Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas.
•External 5db Lora antenna (optional).
Teraseya Heat Application•Teraseya Android app to access to the data stored in the units via Bluetooth (20-30m range).
•Teraseya Web app to access to the data via internet, requires connecting Teraseya Heat to LoRa with Teraseya LoRa gateway.
•Data can be retrieved from the 2 units embedded in Heat device; 6 months data are recorded (can be extended on demand)
•Local access to the device limited to one user at a time with Bluetooth, requires Teraseya Heat application.
•Temperature acquisition frequency customizable.
•Export data in excel/csv format.
•Teraseya Heat device configuration (data acquisition frequency…).
Long range connectivityLoRa (requires one Teraseya LoRa Gateway)
Short range connectivity•WiFi


  • Teraseya Life

    Teraseya Life monitors remotely the quality of the air in pig habitats. It provides real time and accurate measurements of humidity, temperature, dust level and dust size, air circulation, Carbon Dioxide concentrations (on demand), Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentrations on demand. Teraseya Life connects via LoRa for long range or WiFi/BLE for short range. The device comes with a mobile application to display current values, history, set-up thresholds to receive real time alarms… Teraseya Life helps farmers to reduce disease risks, improve pig health and wellbeing, contributing to an increase of productivity. In addition, it helps to comply with regulations in force.
  • Teraseya LoRa Gateway

    Teraseya LoRa Gateway connects up to 32 Teraseya devices in a range of 14kms maximum (line of sight and good weather conditions). LoRa is a long range, low power radio communication (868Mh) for the Internet of Things (IoT). Connectivity is almost free and doesn’t require any simcard or data plan.