Teraseya Life

Air quality monitoring in habitats and animal farms

For pig farms

Reduce risk of disease
Improve wellbeing

Healthier pigs

Improve pig
growth rate

Higher productivity

Comply with regulations in force



  • Poor air quality affects the health, productivity and wellbeing of pigs, besides being a health risk to farmworkers
  • Air quality depends on few factors including stocking density, indoor volume, lower and upper temperatures, as well as concentrations of gases and levels of dust.
  • Teraseya Life helps monitoring remotely the quality of the air to keep it within safe thresholds and provides real time information about key values and evolution of : humidity, temperature, dust levels and dust size, air circulation
  • Humidity influences the life time of infectious organisms, dust size impacts pig defenses, temperature should be as close as the ‘zone of least thermoregulatory effort’ to keep the pig metabolic rate at the minimum
  • On demand Teraseya Life measures carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentration. Indeed high concentration of ammonia damages the cell lining in the respiratory tract and cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat; CO2 at high levels  is associated with reduced growth rates and prevalence of respiratory diseases.
teraseya Air monitoring animal farms sustainable agriculture


Air monitoring animal farms teraseya sustainable agriculture
  • Teraseya Life is a plug and play device, mounted inside the habitats to monitor in real time air quality parameters: temperature; humidity; dust in the air with size PM2.5 and PM10; air circulation speed; Carbon Dioxyde (optional – on demand); Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (optional -on demand)
  • Remote configuration of each device to collect data at certain times (e.g. every 20 min, per hour, per day) with the application. The status of each building is displayed to quickly check parameters against objectives
  • Results are sent to Teraseya application which enable visualization and generate alarms to the farmer
  • Each device sends data to the Teraseya Gateway using a wireless transmission through LoRa or Wi-Fi technology. Lora technology has the advantage of providing a longer distance transmission compared to Wi-Fi
  • The Teraseya Gateway device is connected to Internet (Wi-Fi or cabling). This architecture has the advantage of no transmission costs compared to a mobile connection (GSM, 3G… requiring a SIM card and a data plan)



No need to enter in the building; less risk of contamination

Check as many time as you wish; keep historical data

Set-up your own thresholds to be immediatly notified in case of deviations

All sensors are calibrated in the lab to ensure accurate measurements

Proven ROI

Healthier pigs combined with improved wellbeing lead to higher productivity

Reduce risk of diseases and losses

Save manual checking time

Save connectivity cost with LoRa

Be compliant

Comply with stringent regulations in force

In some countries funding and incentives are available to install Teraseya Life 


  • As you may guess, the minimum is one device per building 🙂
    We recommend installing one device for 350-400 pigs in case of larger buildings.

  • Teraseya Life requires:
    (1) one Teraseya LoRa Gateway that can connect up to 32 devices in a range of 14 kms. Communication is free (no sim card, no data plan) and uses free radio band (866Mh)
    (2) one or several Teraseya Life devices (one for a maximum of 400 pigs)
    (3) to install the application Teraseya Life on any android device or to use the web application from any device connected to internet.

  • Teraseya Life is affordable to all farmers, labor cost savings generates a fast payback, not to mention the valuable benefits in terms of risk reduction and productivity increase.
    In addition in some countries installing Teraseya Life can be partly funded by local authorities.
    Please check ‘Find a dealer’ on the top menu or contact us at office@frontierconnect.me


Dust sensor*Operating temperature: -10°C to 85°C
*Relative operating humidity: 0% – 95% RH
*Accuracy (at 25°C +/-5°C): 0 μg/m3 to 100 μg/m3 ±15 μg/m3, 100 μg/m3 to 1000 μg/m3 ±15 %
*Measured particles: PM2.5 in μg/m3, PM10 in μg/m3
*Lifetime working: 24X7: 20,000 hours (~ 3) years; with samplings 4 times a day: 9 years
Digital temperature sensor*Operating temperature: -40 to 85 °C
*Domain: 10 – 90% measured for the temperature between 0 and 65C
*Precision: 0,01°C
*Accuracy: +/- 0,5°C
Digital humidity sensor*Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
*Domain: 10 – 90% measured for the temperature between 0 and 65C
*Precision 0,1%
*Accuracy: +/-3%
Air Quality Index Sensor (IAQ)*Ethane: distribution 5ppm; tolerance 20%; accuracy 5%
*Isoprene/2 –metil-1,3 butadiene: distribution 10ppm; tolerance 20%; accuracy 5%
*Ethanol: distribution 10ppm; tolerance 20%; accuracy 5%
*Acetone: distribution 50ppm; tolerance 20%; accuracy 5%
*Carbon monoxid: distribution 15ppm; tolerance 10%; accuracy 2%
Speed air circulation*Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
*Relative operating humidity: 35%-85% RH
*Range (measured at 25 ° C, 101.3 kPa): 0-3 m/s
*Correction to atmospheric pressure: 1% per kPa
*Lifetime: 8 years
Ammonic sensor (NH3) and Sufured Hydrogen (H2S)*Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
*NH3 domain: 0-30ppm
*NH3 resolution: 0?01
*H2S domain: 0-3ppm
*H2S resolution: 0,001
Carbon Dioxide sensor (CO2)*Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
*Relative operating humidity: 0%-85% RH
*Domain: 0-10000ppm
Accuracy: ± 50 ppm + 3% reading for 0-5000ppm | ± 10% of reading for 0-5000ppm
*Correction to atmospheric pressure: 1% per kPa
*Lifetime: 10 years
Long Range ConnectivityLoRa
Short Range ConnectivityWiFi


  • Teraseya Base

    Teraseya Base is a professional, affordable weather station including a soil monitoring device. Base is plus and play and provides accurate and actual data from your fields: rainfall, wind direction and speed, solar radiations (UV, PAR…), air temperature, humidity and pressure, leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature. Easy to connect to any wireless network (3G/4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox…), your data will always be available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Prime

    Teraseya Prime is the first All-In-One device for field crops, vineyards, horticulture embedding a complete weather station, unique real time insect detection, soil monitoring capabilities, water acidity, crop canopy vision and leaf chlorophyll. A true crop guardian which will help you save inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, water) while protecting (pest and fungus alerts) and boosting your yields. Your field data will be always available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Soil

    Teraseya Soil is a soil monitoring unit, providing soil moisture, temperature and connectivity (Electrical conductivity provides valuable information about soil particle size and texture, important soil information related with salinity diagnosis, and planning drainage remediation) at up to 3 level depths. Teraseya Soil connects to Teraseya Base in a range of 14 kms with LoRa (no data plan required)
  • Teraseya Track

    Teraseya TRACK is part of Teraseya Motion, an affordable high precision GPS solution (+/-2cm) based on RTK (Real-time kinematic) made accessible to all farmers. Optimize inputs of seed, water, and fertilizers while maximizing yields by mapping variations in soil characteristics and guiding machinery accordingly. Reduce soil stress and compaction avoiding overlaps. It requires to be connected to one RTK base station (Teraseya RTK) and to install Teraseya RTK Android application. It works with many GNSS constellations: BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS. It can connect with Teraseya TAG to manage equipment (trailer, sprayer…). Precision is few centimeters compared to few meters with a standard GPS.
  • Teraseya RTK Gateway

    Teraseya RTK gateway is part of Teraseya Motion, an affordable high precision GPS solution (+/-2cm) based on RTK (Real-time kinematic) made accessible to all farmers. One RTK Gateway is required to enable high precision positioning with Teraseya Track GPS. Its range is up to 14 kms in good visibility and weather conditions. It works with many GNSS constellations: BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS. It enables optimizing inputs of seed, water, and fertilizers while maximizing yields by mapping variations in soil characteristics with machinery guidance. By reducing the overlaps, it reduces soil stress and compaction.
  • Teraseya Tag

    Teraseya Tag is part of Teraseya Motion, an affordable high precision GPS solution (+/-2cm) based on RTK (Real-time kinematic) made accessible to all farmers. It is mounted on equipment (trailer, sprayer…) and communicates with the Teraseya Track installed in the tractor. With Teraseya Tag you can track your equipment, get alarms when the equipment is plugged or in motion, when leaving the farm or entering in the working area.
  • Teraseya Life

    Teraseya Life monitors remotely the quality of the air in pig habitats. It provides real time and accurate measurements of humidity, temperature, dust level and dust size, air circulation, Carbon Dioxide concentrations (on demand), Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentrations on demand. Teraseya Life connects via LoRa for long range or WiFi/BLE for short range. The device comes with a mobile application to display current values, history, set-up
  • Teraseya Heat

    Teraseya Heat is a noninvasive, connected device measuring and recording the temperature of the combustion and post-combustion chambers of farm incinerators. The temperature measurement is done by 2 independent units due to comply with local regulations (one unit is used by the farmer, the other one by the controlling authorities). The data is accessible remotely in real time, as well as the history. It can be mounted on old incinerators.