Listen when your crop is hungry

Right rate, right time, right plot – everytime!

Right rate
Right time
Right plot

Reduce cost


Less Nitrogen


Optimizing nutrition management

Boost yields


  • Vegetation Index Images taken by satellite enable monitoring the crop development and crop health during the growing season
  • NVDI images are correlated with the crop canopy and leaf chlorophyll (shows how much Nitrogen the crop have taken up, and how much is needed to maximize yield) measured by Teraseya devices in the field to generate enhanced Variable Application Rate maps
  • Teraseya devices monitor soil moisture, actual and forecasted rainfall to determine the right time to apply fertilizer and maximize the Nitrogen take up.
  • It is possible to use Teraseya Motion (high precision GPS based on RTK) to control the application rate based on the VAR maps.

Requires Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime with SoilX subscription

Soil nutrition management teraseya


SoilX is a software add-on to Teraseya Platform. It helps optimizing the amount of fertlizer sprayed as well as to maximize its impact.
SoilX can work with satellite images only, the images are processed to generate VAR maps. However VAR maps and spraying operations are improved by correlating satellite views with ground parameters like weather, soil conditions, leaf chlorophyll and canopy. Such parameters are provided by the Teraseya devices installed in your fields:  Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime. Precision spraying is achieved using hig precision GPS like Teraseya Motion.
SoilX is available through a yearly subscription (4€ maximum per hectare).

Soil nutrition management teraseya

Generate VAR maps to save fertilizer and maximize efficiency
Advise when it is the right time for spraying
 Enriched maps with leaf chlorophyll data (requires GrowX) to take into account how much Nitrogen the crop has taken up
Connectable to machines with Teraseya Motion for a controled and precise spraying. Works with older equipment (contact us for adaptations)
High return of investment, quick pay back


enhanced VAR maps 3

Enhanced VAR maps

  Areas with higher and lower yield potential are identified based on soil nutrients available for crops

Efficient and sustainable farming with  fertimizing prescription maps (VAR maps)

Satellite views correlated with field data for improved VAR maps (leaf chlorophyll, soil parameters…), requires GrowX

Find best timing to maximize fertilizer efficiency with actual and forecasted weather, as well as soil parameters.

High ROI

How much do you spend yearly to nurture one hectare? What if you could save 10% to 20%?

Start with SoilX and a GPS to do siginifiant savings

Add GrowX (canopy vivion, leaf chlorophyll) and Teraseya Motion (affordable high precision GPS based on RTK) to go further and optimize inputs and operations

Leverage your current fleet of machines

It is good to know what to do and much better to execute accordingly

Assisted or fully automated application of variable rates driven by SoilX VAR maps

Your current machines are most probably compatible with Teraseya Motion


  • SoilX is made available with a yearly subscription of a 4€ per hectare of monitored land. Lower prices are possible for large areas.
    However, the payback is fast, due to the fertilizer savings that can be achieved, usually in a range of 10% to 20%.
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  • You need Teraseya Platform which is the software suite provided with any Teraseya device like Base (weather station), Prime (weather station + insect detection), Soil (soil monitoring unit). You don’t need anything else to get VAR maps with application rate prescriptions.
    To make easier the spraying based on VAR maps we have developed Teraseya Motion, an affordable  high precision GPS system (+/-2cm) which can be connected to your equipment.
    In addition, optimized VAR maps are generated by correlating satellite images with field parameters (leaf chlorophyll, canopy, soil moisture and temperature; weather) provided by your Teraseya devices.

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  • Teraseya Base

    Teraseya Base is a professional, affordable weather station including a soil monitoring device. Base is plus and play and provides accurate and actual data from your fields: rainfall, wind direction and speed, solar radiations (UV, PAR…), air temperature, humidity and pressure, leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature. Easy to connect to any wireless network (3G/4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox…), your data will always be available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Prime

    Teraseya Prime is the first All-In-One device for field crops, vineyards, horticulture embedding a complete weather station, unique real time insect detection, soil monitoring capabilities, water acidity, crop canopy vision and leaf chlorophyll. A true crop guardian which will help you save inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, water) while protecting (pest and fungus alerts) and boosting your yields. Your field data will be always available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Soil

    Teraseya Soil is a soil monitoring unit, providing soil moisture, temperature and connectivity (Electrical conductivity provides valuable information about soil particle size and texture, important soil information related with salinity diagnosis, and planning drainage remediation) at up to 3 level depths. Teraseya Soil connects to Teraseya Base in a range of 14 kms with LoRa (no data plan required)
  • Teraseya Track

    Teraseya TRACK is part of Teraseya Motion, an affordable high precision GPS solution (+/-2cm) based on RTK (Real-time kinematic) made accessible to all farmers. Optimize inputs of seed, water, and fertilizers while maximizing yields by mapping variations in soil characteristics and guiding machinery accordingly. Reduce soil stress and compaction avoiding overlaps. It requires to be connected to one RTK base station (Teraseya RTK) and to install Teraseya RTK Android application. It works with many GNSS constellations: BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS. It can connect with Teraseya TAG to manage equipment (trailer, sprayer…). Precision is few centimeters compared to few meters with a standard GPS.
  • Teraseya RTK Gateway

    Teraseya RTK gateway is part of Teraseya Motion, an affordable high precision GPS solution (+/-2cm) based on RTK (Real-time kinematic) made accessible to all farmers. One RTK Gateway is required to enable high precision positioning with Teraseya Track GPS. Its range is up to 14 kms in good visibility and weather conditions. It works with many GNSS constellations: BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS / QZSS. It enables optimizing inputs of seed, water, and fertilizers while maximizing yields by mapping variations in soil characteristics with machinery guidance. By reducing the overlaps, it reduces soil stress and compaction.