Teraseya Fly


Field crops

Less pesticides
Spray when & where needed


Save money

Reduce crop losses
Protect your crop

Increase yield

Earlier detection 
Real time monitoring

Act on time



  • Plug & play device:
    • Real time insect monitoring: detects, recognizes, counts targeted insects
    • Self-powered
    • Maintenance free
    • Connected with 3G/4G to the cloud
  • Cloud platform:
    • Infectation & pest models,
    • AI powered
    • Point of integration with external applications
  • Mobile application:
    • Alerts and calls to action
    • Dashboard (insects count, temperature, humidity)
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Detect earlier pest insects
Know when to spray and where

gps agricultura sustenabila teraseya
  • Monitor pest insect evolution, humidity and temperature in all your lots
  • Get real time alerts when the first pests are detected
  • Get warnings when it is the best time to treat based on our phenology models
  • Manage the life span of your protection
  • Be alerted when you need to replace the pheromones/lures, or to empty the trap


Your crop guardian

GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Teraseya FLY


    • Plug&Play, self-powered sensor
    • Compatible with more than 500 telecom networks in 180 countries
    • GPS and anti-theft
    • Air humidity and temperature monitoring
    • Pest insect real time detection and monitoring (counters and images)
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Teraseya Cloud


  • Implements pest models based on insect occurrences, temperature and humidity for each device and combining neighborhood devices
  • Manages alerts and generates calls to action
  • Point of integration for third party applications
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Mobile Application

  • Easy configuration and set-up of your FLYs
  • Sensors management (maintenance alerts, geo location…)
  • Spray management
  • Provides key indicators, dashboard and graphs


Plug & Play

Easy installation: turn on, select crop. That’s all!

Compatible with more than 500 networks in 180 countries

Versatile: attracts pest insects combining pheromones/lures and lights

Real time monitoring

Pest insect detection and monitoring is performed within the device in real time

Unlike other solutions, there is no daily image processing in the cloud, therefore alerts are send in real time by the device.

Continue to work with poor connectivity, in that case images are not transmitted, only alerts and indicators are sent.

Hassle free

 No maintenance: 1 visit per month is enough to refill the pheromones/lures and empty the trap.

Hidden cost : connectivity and chemical attractants included.


  • Teraseya Fly has been designed to offer real time pest insect detection at an affordable price. Return on Investment is high, helping to reduce losses and to save inputs.
    Prices may vary depending on your country or the crop you would like to monitor, therefore we recommend you to search for a dealer hitting ‘find a dealer’ in the top menu, you can also contact us directly at office@teraseya.com

  • We recommend to use the same number of manual traps you are currently installing in your fields. However FLY can cover larger surfaces depending on the crops you would like to monitor, for example 1 Teraseya FLY can cover up to 500 contiguous hectares of corn. 

  • When you receive your FLY, you just have to install it in the field and turn it on, download the mobile app and select the crop you would like to monitor. That’s all !

    We provide FLY fully equipped with connectivity and pheromones/lure  for one season. You can order connectivity extension and a set of chemical attractants whenever you wish.


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  • Teraseya Base

    Teraseya Base is a professional, affordable weather station including a soil monitoring device. Base is plus and play and provides accurate and actual data from your fields: rainfall, wind direction and speed, solar radiations (UV, PAR…), air temperature, humidity and pressure, leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature. Easy to connect to any wireless network (3G/4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox..), your data will always be available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Prime

    Teraseya Prime is the first All-In-One device for field crops, vineyards, horticulture embedding a complete weather station, unique real time insect detection, soil monitoring capabilities, water acidity, crop canopy vision and leaf chlorophyll. A true crop guardian which will help you save inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, water) while protecting (pest and fungus alerts) and boosting your yields. Your field data will be always available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Soil

    Teraseya Soil is a soil monitoring unit, providing soil moisture, temperature and connectivity (Electrical conductivity provides valuable information about soil particle size and texture, important soil information related with salinity diagnosis, and planning drainage remediation) at up to 3 level depths. Teraseya Soil connects to Teraseya Base in a range of 14 kms with LoRa (no data plan required)