Your Crop Guardian

Monitoring | Predicting | Advising | Managing

All In One solution for precision agriculture

Boost yields
+3% to 12%

Improve crop

Save time & money
-6% to 20%  inputs


Plug & Play | Harsh weather resistant | Connect to all networks | High quality and calibrated sensors 
  • Get all the data you need to take informed decisions (actual and forecasted weather, soil conditions, leaf wetness, solar radiations…)
  • Access to a unique real time pest insect detection,
  • Teraseya devices are designed for outdoor deployment, to resist to harsh weather conditions
  • Sensors and electronics are choosen to ensure accurate sensing and longuer lifetime
  • Devices are are plug & play, ready to send data through almost any wireless network. In case your area is not covered by any network we can provide our own radio solution based on LoRa (14 kms range, no simcard, no dataplan)
  • Teraseya devices embed dynamic intelligence to generate stress, pest, fungus alerts in real time.
  • Self-powered, no maintenance
  • Automatically recognized by Teraseya applications. Also Teraseya devices  can be connected on demand to your existing Farm Management Solution.
sustainable agriculture device


360° unified view| Crops & Farm operations
sustainable agriculture device
  • Fungus diseases predictions – based on rainfall, air humidity, solar radiations, leaf wetness…
  • Pests predictions – based on insect detection correlated with weather conditions and type of crops
  • Pesticides savings (up to 40%) – based on earlier pest detections and plot management
  • Fertilizer savings (up to 20%) with variable application rates for each plot of land and crop – based on vegetation index maps correlated with leaf chlorophyll and crop canopy
  • Water savings (up to 30%) with irrigation optimization – based on soil and weather monitoring
  • Farm operations efficiency with people, machine and equipment, activities management


Customer support | Integration with third-party products | Custom devices and solutions | Consultancy
  • We design our devices and solutions to make them as easy as possible to deploy and use. However, in case of, we are here for you.
  • You already invested in a Farm Management Solution, on a Decision Support System? No worries, we can certainly integrate Teraseya devices within your existing solution.

  • You want to integrate Teraseya Platform with your  enterprise management tools? It is likely doable. Our service team will handle it.

  • You did not find the specific device you are looking for? You are missing a piece of the puzzle? We certainly can help, since 2017 we have developed iOla IoT framework, a technical framework connecting sensors to cloud processing, iOla is the foundation of Teraseya Portfolio and a fantastic tool to develop quickly and in a cost-effective manner new sensing capabilities. Contact us!

  • You are not sure from where to start? Your specifications do not match any product off-the-shelves? Contact us !
sustainable agriculture device