Get alerts when there is a high risk of pest insects threatening your crops



Field crops


Survey all your plots
Put traps when needed, where needed

Save money

Reduce crop losses
Protect your crop

Increase yield

Earlier detection 
Real time monitoring

Act on time


  • We create a virtual pest insect trap vFLY
    • At any location you provide
    • For the crop you grow
    • No installation of any kind of device is required
    • Operational in less than 1 hour 
  • Proprietary phenology models
    • Process local historical and current weather data at the vFly location
    • Trigger alerts when the weather conditions are met for pest insects to appear
    • Trigger alerts when to install real traps, like Fly, few days before the weather conditions are met for pest insects to appear
  • Mobile application
    • Watch your vFly status in a map
    • Set up weather and pest insect alerts
    • Check and clear alerts
    • Watch the weather data at one glance
    • From any mobile/desktop connected to internet
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya



GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Save money & time

  • Automatically monitor the pest insect threat at all your locations
  • No trap, no weather station required in the field
  • No field visits
  • Virtual weather station and weather forecast included
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Optimize field traps usage

  • Monitor all your plots with vFly, then install Fly on the threatened areas
  • Install  your traps only when and where needed
  • Teraseya Fly will automatically monitor the pest insect pressure and will alert you when to protect your crop
GPS agricultura sustenabila teraseya

Protect your crop in all fields

  • Combine vFly and Fly to get a close monitoring of the pest insect pressure on your crop 
  • Get real time alerts to act on time 
  • Get real time alerts to act at the right location


  • vFly is a virtual trap which provides alerts when the weather conditions are met for the pest insect to be active. Few days before a ‘pheromone’ alert is triggered to let you install real traps in the field before the first pest insect occurrence.
    It is also a virtual weather station which provides temperature, humidity.
    vFly provides weather forecast for the next 10 days.

  • Fly is a smart, connected trap which includes the vFly phenology models plus the actual monitoring of the pest insects. Fly attracts, traps, automatically identifies the pest insects, and generates real time alerts at first insect occurrence, at the best time to implement pest control actions.

    vFly processes the local weather data to assess when the weather conditions are met for the pest insects to appear on that location. Unlike Fly, vFly doesn’t catch any insect, therefore it can’t determine the pic of insect fly or monitor the actual insect population in the field. However, it is a useful tool to know when and where to install real traps like Fly.

    vFly is a virtual weather station, Fly is a real weather station. Both vFly and Fly provide weather forecast.

  • Yes. vFly can be set-up at any location worldwide. However we recommend you to contact us and check if the phenology models for the crop you plan to monitor have been validated for your region.
    Weather data and weather forecast will be operational anyway.

  • Not at all. You can set-up as many vFly as you need in any location worldwide.
    We recommend one in each plot of land you cultivate.
    With Teraseya Application (desktop,mobile) you will  assign a name to each of your vFly, see them in a map, get and manage alerts, access to the weather data.

  • vFLY is based on a yearly subscription (99€) which includes the pest insect phenology models, weather data and weather forecast, as well as the Teraseya application for desktop and mobile.

    I want to order now!

  • You just need to provide the GPS coordinates of the location you would like to monitor.
    You will receive an email with your credentials to access to the Teraseya Application, then you will select the crop you would like to monitor with your vFly.

    That’s all.