Farm with more confidence

✓ Boost Yields: know when your crop will be thirsty or hungry

✓ Protect Crops: preventing pests and diseases

✓ Predict Yields

✓ Manage people , machines and equipment, activities

✓ All fields at one place

✓ 360 vision any time, any where from any device

✓ Resources, operations and machines management

Fields, crops
Farming operations

At a glance


Less fertilizer, pesticide, water
Operations efficiency improved

Save money

Know when your crop is thirsty, hungry, stressed
Prevent pest and diseases

Boost yields


  • Real time weather, soil, crop, environmental sensors ( Teraseya Base , Soil , Prime ) are connected to Teraseya Platform via any wireless network (2G, 3G, LoRa , NB IoT, LTE M…)
  • Sensors data is enriched with weather forecast nformation and hyperspectral images of your fields.
  • Your tractors and machines are precisely localized with high precision and affordable GPS (Teraseya Motion)
  • Teraseya Platform provides a real time dashboard and reports , alerts and recommendations to boost yields , protect crops, as well as crop prediction.
  • Teraseya Platform offers to manage people , machines and equipment, as well as activities
  • All devices Teraseya devices come with a free access to the platform to display data and reports, the you choose which modules CropEYE , GrowX , SoilX , PestX , ChemX ) are useful for your farming activities.
sustainable agriculture software teraseya

CropEye | A close eye on your crop

CropEYE helps you to keep your crops healthy by providing water stress alerts, insects activity, fungal
disease risk levels, real time issues, trends and problems. It requires Teraseya Prime for pest insects detection. Coming soon!

sustainable agriculture software teraseya

Water stress alerts

Insects detection and real time alerts

Fungal diesase alerts and risks

Real time issues

Actual weather and weather forecast

Dashboard and reports

All you need to take informed decisions

CropEYE is the service you need to make your field data to speak , and keep your crop healthy .
CropEYE works with Teraseya Prime and will be availble soon through a yearly subscription …

GrowX | Crop Canopy & Chlorophyll

Find the right balance between nutrient supply and crop demand by monitoring the leaf chlorophyll concentration and crop canopy. This information is critical in the context of climate change and  organic farming. Coming soon!

2 CCD outdoor sensors

Measure is not impacted by the sun light and the clouds; image is adjusted with the PAR sensor (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)

The ratio between green and brown surface in the field  provides the canopy evolution

CCD are oriented easily through North pole with the help of gyroscope and magnetometer sensors

Can be combined with SoilX to enrich VAR maps

sustainable agriculture software teraseya

Teraseya Prime embeds the crop canopy and leaf chlorophyll sensors, real time data is processed by the software module GrowX .
GrowX will be available soon through a yearly subscription.

SoilX | Nutrition Service

Vegetation index satellite images are combined with real time soil monitoring to generate Variable Application Rate maps .
Actual and weather forecast is used to determine when to spray to maximize Nitrogen take up.
The right rate at the right place at the right time, every time !

sustainable agriculture software teraseya

Generate VAR maps to save fertilizer and maximize efficiency

Advise when it is the right time for spraying

 Enriched maps with leaf chlorophyll data (requires GrowX) to take into account how much Nitrogen the crop has taken up

Connectable to machines with Teraseya Motion for a controled and precise spraying. Works with older equipment (contact us for adaptations)

High return of investment, quick pay back

For better results SoilX requires field data collected by Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime.
SoilX is available through a yearly subscription based on the number of hectares monitored

PestX | Integrated pest management

Get alerts as soon as the risk of pest or fungus is increasing, prevent damages, act on time to protect your crop.
PestX uses all the data provided by Teraseya Prime like weather data, leaf wetness, chlorophyll, soil data, as well as insect detection to run crop based  diesease models. Coming soon!

For field crops, vineyards, horticulture

Proprietary and third party models are available

List of models is constinusouly extended

Integratioin with your DSS (Decision Support System) or Farm Management Platform on demand

sustainable agriculture software teraseya

PestX requires Teraseya Prime, this software module will be available soon through a yearly subscription based on the number of hectares monitored.

ChemX | Water Acidity

Acid rain caused by emissions of Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen oxide (e.g. from lightning stroke) have harmful effects on crop growth, damaging roots and destroying nutrients present in the soil; and crop health burning leaves that later may develop fungus or viral infections.
The acid water comes in the first minutes of the rainfall and without the appropriate device it will be unnoticed. Coming soon!

sustainable agriculture software teraseya

Scanning water from the rain gauge

Embeded in Teraseya Prime, no maintenance

Reactive substance stored lasting several seasons

Calibrated in lab


Teraseya Prime embeds a set of PH sensors calibrated in the lab. Acid water measurements are provided by the software module ChemX.
ChemX will be available soon with a yearly subscription.


Put data at work

Take informed decisions or rely on field proven models

Pay only for what you need and maximize your ROI

You already use some tools or software, let’s check if we can integrate

360° unified view

Field by field, lot by lot, area per area insights

Crop, soil, fields real time status

Actual weather and forecast

Real time environmental status

People, fleet, activities management

Proven ROI

30% water savings

20% fertilizer savings

40% pesticide savings

5€ to 30€ of yearly ROI per hectare


  • Teraseya Platform, is the Teraseya software suite. The main software module is made available when ordering your first device :Teraseya Base, Prime or Soil. You will be able to display sensor values, actual data and history, build your own dashboard and set-up thresholds to generate alarms based on sensor values. Irrigation service is included.

    To move forward and unlock powerful benefits for your farm you can purchase software add-ons based on your needs:
    -CropEye: all crop and soil  parameters (water stress, disease risk alerts, insect detection, …) you need to take informed decisions
    -GrowX: canopy and leaf chlorophyll service
    -PestX: pest service
    -SoilX: nutrition service
    -ChemX: water acidity service

  • Teraseya Platform works with any Teraseya device: Base, Prime, Soil. Some services may require specific sensors and devices to work:

    -CropEye requires Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime
    -GrowX: requires Teraseya Prime
    -PestX: requires Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime (for pest insects)
    -SoilX: works as a standalone service, enhanced features with Teraseya Base, or Teraseya Prime in the fields
    -ChemX: requires Teraseya Prime

  • When you purchase a Teraseya Base or Prime device you get included the main module of Teraseya Platform, the Teraseya software suite.
    You can add services (software add-ons) based on your needs:
    -CropEye: yearly subscription per device
    -GrowX: yearly subscription per device
    -PestX: yearly subscription per hectare
    -SoilX: yearly subscription per hectare
    -ChemX: yearly subscription per device
    Prices may vary based on your country and volume, we suggest you search for a dealer with \’Find a dealer\’ in the top menu or contact us directly at


  • Teraseya Base

    Teraseya Base is a professional, affordable weather station including a soil monitoring device. Base is plus and play and provides accurate and actual data from your fields: rainfall, wind direction and speed, solar radiations (UV, PAR…), air temperature, humidity and pressure, leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature. Easy to connect to any wireless network (3G/4G, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox..), your data will always be available with Teraseya application.
  • Teraseya Prime

    Teraseya Prime is the first All-In-One device for field crops, vineyards, horticulture embedding a complete weather station, unique real time insect detection, soil monitoring capabilities, water acidity, crop canopy vision and leaf chlorophyll. A true crop guardian which will help you save inputs (fertilizer, pesticide, water) while protecting (pest and fungus alerts) and boosting your yields. Your field data will be always available with Teraseya application. Teraseya Prime is plug and play and connects to a wide range to wireless networks inluding 2G/3G, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-Mn WiFi, BLE…
  • Teraseya Soil

    Teraseya Soil is a soil monitoring station providing accurate information at 3 depths about temperature, humidity and connectivity. The soil sensors are long-period buried, resistant to chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, providing the right decision when to plant and seed agronomic and horticulture crops but also the right amount water that each crop needs. Teraseya Soil connects with Teraseya Base or Teraseya Prime devices with LoRa (up to 14km distance, no simcard required).